FreeCell - Follow the Rules

FreeCell is a card game, now usually played on computer. There is one deck of cards which are all completely visible to the player throughout the game. The cards are all dealt at the beginning of the game.
They are in eight rows and the first four rows have one additional card each, so that every card is in play.

The cards are placed face up and laid in tableau formation so that the top part of each card can be seen. Above the playing area are two separate sections.
The top left hand corner has four spaces - one each for four cards. This is the free cell area where a maximum of four cards which are not required at that particular time can be "parked" out of the way.

At the top right hand side above the playing area is the section where the Foundation cards can be placed. There is one place for each suit. The first cards which can be placed in the Foundation area are the Aces.
From then, these are built, within their own suits, numerically upwards so that after the Ace will be the number two etc. so that the final card placed at the top of each suit will be the King.

Getting Started

Only the card on the top of each row in the playing area can be moved, unless there are more "legal" cards which can be moved together. However, more than one card can only be moved if there are enough empty cells in the free cell area.
In other words, if there are four cards in the free cell area at the top left hand corner, then only one card may legally be moved in the playing area, whether or not there were more which could have been moved!

Look before you Leap

Before rushing to move any cards it is important to establish where all of the Aces and low numbers are as these really need to be extricated as early in the game as possible.

Once there is a way of releasing at least two of the Aces to the Foundation area it is necessary to gradually find the low numbers to follow them there.
Whilst playing the game remember that unhelpful cards can be placed in the free cell section, but for every card which is there, one less card is able to be transferred as one group within the playing area.

The other really important aspect is to try to get an empty row (or tableau) as this is a place where a run of numbers can be kept.

In FreeCell the object in the playing area is to start a row with a King and then working downwards through the numbers. However, the colours alternate between red and black all the way down from the King.
When they are moved to the Foundation area which starts with the Ace, they are kept in their suits.

The Chances for Winning

There is an excellent opportunity for every player to win. Whether they do, of course is a different matter, because although there is a 99.99% of being able to win the game, it depends on the skill and strategy employed by each player as to the likelihood of the game being won.

As with most things in life, it takes time to learn how to play FreeCell. Although the principles of game are straightforward, it takes careful consideration and concentration, so that the moves aren't rushed.
Gradually over a period of time, the player will learn the strategy and their opportunities for winning should increase.